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Redhead Windscreen Testimonials

"I love this thing, it works perfectly.
I use this windscreen while im taping exhaust clips to do reviews on car exhausts, It blocks out any unwanted wind noise and makes sure you get the true sound.
love it !"

- Mc.

Redhead Windscreen Testimonials

"Makes the zoom H4N useable finally. When used outdoor it eliminates more or less all the wind noise. I can highly recommend all zoom owners to buy this one."

- Fred

Redhead Windscreen Testimonials

"So i watched and read several reviews on different brand names but this one takes the cake. i placed it in front of a fan on high and recorded sound at a standard level. yes, you could hear the fan, but there were absolutely no extreme wind noises which was surprising considering the conditions. you could still hear my voice on the test and i was happy. then i tried the same settings with the redhead windscreen off...
boy, you couldn't hear a damn thing except the mics being overloaded with heavy noise! i love this thing!"

- Julio A.