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About us

Our Mission is simple : To destroy the evil wind monster that wants to corrupt our audio recordings, censor our voice with garble, and render our tracks unusable so we can enjoy peace and tranquility in happy-audio-land.

The Redhead Story :  It was 2009 and I had recently lost my job as a tour company manager here on Maui. Instead of immediately looking for a new job, I decided to take a couple of weeks off, and try something I'd always wanted to but never did. I wanted to capture some beautiful Audio & Video here on Maui as a way to decompress and just enjoy nature while creating something.

Two weeks and a lot of research later, I received my first digital audio recorder, the Zoom H4n. Messing with it in the house, I was blown away at how pristine the audio was and couldn't wait to get out and use it. It came with a little foam "windscreen" but I quickly found out, that did nothing at all when outdoors. The smallest breeze would muck up my audio and render it useless. 

Enter my mother : My mom has been a seamstress just about all here life and I was aware of the more functional windscreens made of faux fur. I asked her if she'd be able to make one if I gave her the specifications and she happily agreed. 

So it was off to the fabric store here on the island of Maui.. Whaaat? The only faux fur color they have available is a fiery RED. Whatever, that should look cool. A few hours later and my mother had a prototype which was really a solid finished product. "Here, I made two for you if you like" : )

So I took my unnamed windscreen out for a trial run and WOW, the evil wind monster was slayed! I was finally able to clearly capture the sounds of the sea, the wind blowing through the trees, the sound of the running river. It was glorious.

Two days later, I'm watching reviews on the Zoom H4n and I see the same comment coming up, over and over.. Essentially the comment was, "It's a great recorder but you can't use it outside".. I looked at my extra un-named windscreen sitting next to me and decided to see if I could sell it on eBay. Since it was red, I decided to call it a "Redhead"..

The obsessive part of my personality just had to design a logo, and print a cool sticker for the product bag as well as shoot a professional product shot. 

Boom, it's posted to e-Bay with a link to a little DEMO video I filmed..

30 minutes later and I get a notification that my Redhead has been sold! 

I ask my mother if she'd like to make a few more and that I sold the extra one she'd made. She happily agrees again (loves sewing and all). This time she makes me 10, and they all quickly sell again.

Cut to months later and we've started a small business and even have a couple employees. Meticulously combing the faux fur out of the seams is one of the most important but highly time consuming steps of the process. 

Over a decade later, and thanks to you all, Redhead Windscreens is still here, still proudly made in Hawaii, and it is all thanks to YOU. Thank you so much for voting with your dollar and supporting a Made in America, product. 

More coming soon!

PS: here's what the site looked like 12yrs ago if you're interested :